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Experience the perfection of our filled Ravioli. Made with our fresh 30% egg pasta dough, two thin layers enclose a made-from-scratch fresh filling prepared in our kitchens. Each parcel contains a range of freshly made fillings like meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. We even make vegan-friendly options without eggs in the dough- there is something for everyone.Indulge in an abundance of delectable fillings, from the vegan-friendly Pea & Shallot to the rich Beef & Black Truffle, all crafted from raw, high-quality ingredients. Elevate any occasion, whether a date night dinner or a Friday night dinner, with the elegant touch of our filled Ravioli. Bring the authentic taste of Italian pasta to your plate.

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (250g & 1kg)
Braised Beef Ravioli (250g & 1kg)
Pea & Shallot Ravioli (250g & 1kg)
Pumpkin & Ricotta Ravioli (250g & 1kg)
Four Cheese Ravioli (250g & 1kg)