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Discover our little spoon-sized Italian dumplings (Gnocchi) made with potato flour. Try our variety of fresh Gnocchi, including our vegan-friendly spinach Gnocchi or beetroot Gnocchi. We even have gluten-free Gnocchi!The Tomato & Mozzarella filled-gnocchi is popular with adults and kids alike and perfect boiled or fried. Our Gnocchi is incredibly versatile – add it to meat ragu, fresh sauces, or infused butters for a quick and delightful dish in minutes. Embrace the versatility and taste the essence of Italy with every bite.

Gnocchi filled Tomato & Mozzarella (250g & 1kg) La Tua Pasta
Beetroot Gnocchi (250g & 1kg) La Tua Pasta
Potato Gnocchi (250g & 1kg) La Tua Pasta
Spinach Gnocchi (250g & 1kg) La Tua Pasta
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