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Indulge in an array of Italian desserts, from classics to indulgent Bomboloni. Our dolci collection offers a range of options to satisfy your dessert cravings. Discover the allure of artisan chocolate assortments from D. Barbero. Experience sweet truffles crafted with nougat and cocoa grains or indulge in Crumbly Nougat. These Italian confections showcase quality ingredients and craftsmanship.

Opt for our freshly made Bomboloni mini-doughnuts filled with milk chocolate hazelnut. With a crisp shell and fluffy dough, these treats provide a delightful bite. Try one or try them all—order today and explore the enchanting world of Italian dolci. Elevate your pasta experience with a sweet finale.

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Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bomboloni - 250g
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Barbero Crumbly Nougat - disconnected
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Chocolate Tortellini (Majani)
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