Our Ingredients and Suppliers

Our Ingredients and Suppliers

Every cook knows that great dishes can only be made with great ingredients.

We believe that to know your ingredients you need to know your farmers, their fields and how the produce is grown. At La Tua Pasta we have always gone out of our way to source the best ingredients (preferably local and seasonal) and to work with small specialty producers, often family businesses like ourselves.

We know what goes into the feed for the chickens who lay our eggs. We’ve sourced truffles from Christina for 6 years, we’ve worked with Armando (who grows all of our gorgeous Delica pumpkins) for 10 years, and we source our flour from a small mill in Italy who we have worked with for over a decade.

For us, integrity of product means that we know every ingredient, every supplier and everything is up to our exacting standards, otherwise it doesn’t make it into our kitchen!

Our Ingredients and Suppliers

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