Tradizioni Natalizie Italiane – Italian Christmas Traditions

Tradizioni Natalizie Italiane - Italian Christmas Traditions

The festive season in Italy commences on the 8th of December, marking the beginning of joyous Italian Christmas celebrations. This period is characterised by a plethora of gatherings, dinners, and reunions with family, friends, and loved ones. The air is filled with the laughter of shared moments, the clinking of glasses, and the lively sounds of card games and bingo/tombola, all forming the core of the holiday agenda. However, amidst the merriment, the culinary delights take centre stage, turning the Christmas season into a delightful feast.

The dinner parties and weekend gatherings serve as a spirited warm-up for the grand event: Christmas Day itself. This occasion is so extensive that it draws together dozens of family members, who unite in a collaborative effort to bring to life Italian Christmas dinner traditions – the most significant celebration of the year. This shared endeavour fully embraces the festive motto: “The more, the merrier.” The air is charged with a sense of togetherness as preparations unfold on both Christmas Eve and the day itself.

As each family adds its unique touch to the Christmas dinner and celebrations, personal traditions dictate the multi-course banquets, varying based on regions, towns, and individual family preferences. However, amidst this diversity, one dish is ubiquitous on every Italian table: the revered Tortellini Modenesi. Crafted from our classic egg dough, hand-folded and filled with a delectable combination of Italian Mortadella, Parma Ham, and grated Italian cheese. Tortellini are smaller versions of Tortelloni. Our Tortellini, however are slightly bigger than tradition dictates but still hold, so you’re guaranteed a hearty-dish. The Modenesi pasta is served in a nourishing meat-based broth and stands as the undisputed star of every Italian Christmas dinner – given its filling, hearty and nourishing traits.

While the menu may differ from one household to another, certain items are bound to make an appearance. Cotechino and lentils add a savoury touch, clementines contribute a burst of freshness, and the battle for the last bit or piece of Panettone becomes a festive tradition in itself. The sweet allure of Torrone, namely Nougat, adds another layer of delight, completing the rich tapestry of flavours that defines an Italian Christmas celebration.

All of these iconic Italian dishes are available on our website throughout December and are not to be missed. Savour the flavours of Tortellini Modenesi in Brodo, Cotechino and, of course, the sharing Panettone. All of this and more are easy to enjoy and order – discover our Christmas hampers featuring all of these traditional Italian flavours. Our “Pasta & Panettone Italian Christmas Hampershowcases the delectable Tortellini Modenesi, Borough award-winning organic Chicken Broth, Parmigiano Reggiano sachet and the Artisan D Barbero Classic Panettone. For a complete Italian culinary experience this Christmas Dinner, opt for our “Traditional Italian Christmas Feast”. This hamper features an assortment of 4 Antipasti, Tortellini Modenesi, Borough award-winning organic Chicken Broth, Parmigiano Reggiano sachet, Cotechino, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bomboloni, and Majani Chocolate Tortelloni


All that remains is for us to say: “Buon Appetito e Buon Feste!”

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