Wildfarmed and La Tua Pasta

Wildfarmed and La Tua Pasta

Wildfarmed and La Tua Pasta

From DJ to an improbable farmer and baker?

It sounds odd, but it did happen! Andy Cato, a member of Groove Armada, embarked on an extraordinary journey to revolutionise agriculture. The goal was to cultivate products in real soil while prioritising environmental sustainability. The project’s mission was to regenerate neglected soil, ensuring its protection and longevity. In their pursuit to unlock the true potential of our agricultural resources, they took on the challenge of milling their own flour and building a community. Ultimately providing consumers with food choices that positively impact their health and the environment.

How is Wildfarmed Flour produced?

Wildfarmed farmers focus on soil health, avoiding the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, reintroducing nature into the field.
Wildfarmed firmly believes in the possibility of healing the planet by combining traditional farming methods with cutting-edge technology to produce the most flavourful grains, resulting in flour that is not only delicious but also environmentally beneficial.
This cultivation approach imparts a rich nutty flavour to the wheat, while continually enhancing the quality of the soil in which it is grown.

How does La Tua Pasta use this raw material?

Beyond contributing to environmental health and preservation, La Tua Pasta takes advantage of the exceptional flavours derived from tone-milled wheat varieties cultivated in vibrant fields.
We have crafted two products by blending 00 and Wildfarmed flour: Wildfarmed Pappardelle and Wildarmed Black Truffle Tortelloni. The addition of Wildfarmed flour provides the 00 blend with an underlying nutty note, which can be complimented by a gamey sauce such as our Wildboar Ragu, or by the smooth and rich flavour of the Truffle & Ricotta filling. Take a bite and be graced by a delicate combination of aromas.

Each bite of Pappardelle for lunch or Tortelloni for supper becomes a conscious choice that leaves a positive impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about the origins of Wildfarmed, you can click on this link: view article here

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