Pasta has always brought families and friends together. A simple, nourishing food with a knack for calming the mind and making everyone feel better.

We are on a mission to help people discover the whole world of pasta by combining traditional and regional pasta recipes that use seasonal vegetables, a variety of meats, specialty cheeses, and seafood.

What sets our products apart is that we source the best ingredients and make all of our own pasta and fillings by hand.

First, we turn fresh, seasonal produce into the perfect pasta filling. We clean, we chop, and we cook slowly to bring out the flavour. No pellets, no preservatives, and no colourants.

Second, the pasta! Only the very best will do, using the freshest base materials. The eggs – which make up 30% of our pasta – are a rich, bright orange. The Italian flour we use is finely milled to create the right texture and bite.

When you source all your own ingredients, use your own recipes, and make everythingyourself, you are truly a pastificio.