Red Wine: Frappato Terre Siciliane, Pianogrillo, 2019 – Sicilia


This organic red wine offers a remarkable taste and olfactory impact, expressing a strong and fragrant personality typical of this unique Sicilian varietal and reflective of the soil composition. It features a bright ruby red colour with intense aromas ranging from fruity and floral notes to spicy hints. The taste is light-bodied, fresh, and juicy, with charming fruity notes on the palate and a tasty finish that leaves a lasting impression. Additionally, it can be enjoyed chilled.

Ideal Pairings:
It pairs perfectly with anchovies and meat. Try it, therefore, with our Tonnarelli alla Puttanesca, Tagliatelle with Beef Shin Ragu, or even Tonnarelli alla Carbonara. This versatile wine pairs easily with a variety of dishes.

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About Red Wine: Frappato Terre Siciliane, Pianogrillo, 2019 – Sicilia

The Grape: Frappato

About the Producer:
The Pianogrillo estate has been in the Piccione di Pianogrillo foe centuries. They produce wines using organic farming methods. Their vines thrive in a unique mix of sand, milestone, and white marlstones at an elevation of 480 metres above sea level.


Energy (KJ)/100g
Energy (Kcal)/100g
Of which Saturated/100g
Of which Sugar/100g

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