What makes La Tua Pasta’s colour so vibrant? 

In a word… Eggs!  

Not just any eggs, very special eggs.  

We are very selective about the egg producers we work with; the chickens have to be free range and the egg yolks must be extremely rich to give that golden yellow colour to the pasta. How do you achieve that golden colour? Let me explain.

OK this is a little technical but stay with me. Our chickens enjoy a rich diet including lots of leafy green vegetables which are naturally high in carotenoid pigments. The primary pigment is xanthophyll. Xanthophyll helps plants with photosynthesis but it is also bright yellow (marigold leaves and petals contain a lot of this stuff). That bright yellow pigment helps our chickens to lay eggs with beautiful golden yolks.

We only work with suppliers who give chickens this special diet for us. Which is really good of them because egg farming is hard enough without special diets. There are so many factors which make a steady flow of eggs such a challenge. For instance, hens don’t tend to lay until they’re 26 weeks old, they lay far fewer eggs in winter (they’re affected by the amount of daylight), but (unlike a machine, that can be turned off) once they start laying they don’t stop!

So you can see that finding the perfect egg is quite a challenge, but hopefully you agree that it’s worth it!

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