We don’t make any specific kids’ products – as we find that kids are huge fans of our products as they are! But over the years we have found the most picky young eaters have special preferences – so here are our suggestions:

Orechiette – toddlers and young kids love it because it helps them discover the feeling of food – they can easily pick it up, it is the perfect size for their little mouths and is easy to eat

Ravioli with Spinach & Ricotta – with the addition of cream this makes the spinach so much more popular! We can’t guarantee a 100% conversion to green veg  – but we get pretty close!!

Tortelloni with Pumpkin – bigger pasta for kids that can cut and eat with fork and knife – but still need a little nudge to edge up their veggie intake. The Delica pumpkin is flavourful with a hint of sweetness – which is what kids love!

Gnocchi filled with tomato and Mozzarella– Who doesn’t love little parcels of fluffy gnocchi – with a surprise on the inside? Kids love it – especially when they discover their favourite cheese!

Mini Maccaroni – The small size of this pasta shape makes it very kid-friendly. Being a plain pasta rich in eggs (30% of free range egg) it is very versatile and it can be matched with their favorite sauce.

Plain tomato sauce – don’t let the glass jar fool you:  we make our tomato sauce fresh – without any preservatives or additives.  It has a shelf life of 14 days – so enjoy it quickly!

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