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La Tua Pasta officially invites you to join our Loyalty Supper Club: an exclusive program for true pasta lovers where you can earn incredible rewards just for enjoying your favourite dishes.

By simply creating an online profile with us, you’re already on your way to becoming a valued Supper Club Member. Once your account is created, you’ll start accumulating points with every purchase (£1 spent = 1 point earned), bringing you closer to a world of exciting pasta perks.

Membership is absolutely free, and while we can’t fathom why you’d want to, you can opt-out at any time (please note this will result in the deletion of your points and membership). Our club features tiers of rewards, starting at 100 points, where you can redeem points for pasta. More points come with bigger and more delicious options, including dishes and hampers!

It’s simple: you’ll accrue points with each online purchase at www.latuapasta.com and receive email notifications when you can unlock rewards. We recommend redeeming rewards with your order for the best experience. You can claim your points and use against a tier and send as a gift… the choice is yours!

For more details read the below FAQ or review our T&C’s With water boiling in the pot, it’s time to start accumulating points and enjoy our mouth-watering rewards – pasta is always the solution, even better when it’s free!

Buon Appetito!

Ways to earn rewards

1 point per pound

1 point for each £1.00 spent


FAQ - Loyalty Supper Club

Tortelloni: 7-9pcs/250g or 32/34 pcs/1kg depending on the filling.
Ravioli: 17-20pcs/250g or 70/80 pcs/1kg depending on the filling

It all depends if the pasta is served as a starter or as a main and how hungry you are. Usually, we recommend 125-200g portion as a starter: 250g serves 1-2, 500g= serves 3-4, 1kg= serves 6-8.  You can double the servings if you are using the pasta as a main.

For those residing in central London, we aim to provide you with pasta with a shelf life of 5 days.

Outside central London, encompassing the rest of the UK, we aim to offer plain pasta with a shelf life of 8 days, filled pasta with a shelf life of 14 days, and butter and sauces with a shelf life of 10 days.


Once opened, if you don’t consume the full tray of pasta, wrap it with cling film and keep refrigerated below 5C. Once opened, consume the pasta within 3 days. 

All our pasta is perfect for Freezing (except gluten free gnocchi) and it freezes beautifully. The pasta is at its best within the first few days. Therefore, if you are planning to freeze some pasta, we recommend freezing it as soon as possible.  If you are freezing long shapes, please divide the pasta into individual portions and ideally ‘nest’ your pasta (Otherwise you will have a very large ‘block’ of pasta!)  Frozen pasta needs to be consumed within 1-2 months. You will also have to add an extra minute of cook time when cooking from frozen.

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