Bellini Cipriani 5.5% Vol. (750ml Bottle)


In 1945, after World War II was over, Giuseppe Cipriani invented a new cocktail in the name of peace and freedom. He mixed Prosecco with fresh white peach puree, creating the Bellini.

The cocktail was named after the Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini, whose works were being exhibited at the Doge’s Palace at the time. Giuseppe was inspired by the pink glow in one of Bellini’s paintings.

Cipriani’s Bellini is made uniquely of prosecco and white peach puree. The sweetness of the peaches mixed with the bubbles of the Prosecco makes for a delicate and refreshing cocktail. It is served at the place of its invention – Harry’s Bar in Venice – to this day – and perfectly captures the feeling of the romantic city.

Though it has been imitated many times over we decided to bring you the original, authentic Bellini – because no one makes it like quite like the Ciprianis.

Due to its low alcohol content of 5.5%, it is perfect to be enjoyed as an aperitif. It is best served chilled at 3-4 degrees Celsius. Bellini Cipriani is available in two sizes, 200ml and the classic 750ml bottle.

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