Pasta Recipes

Tortelloni Recipe: Wild Boar Tortelloni with Spicy Tomato SauceWild Boar or ‘Chinghiale’ is a classic Tuscan flavour. Often this dish is made as a slow cooked ragu mixed with a plain pasta. In this recipe we turn the pasta and the ragu inside out and put the slow cooked wild boar inside the pasta. As with many great Italian dishes we start with a classic ‘sofrito’ of carrots, onions and celery as a base from which to build the flavour. We then slowly braise our wild boar with red wine to soften and tenderise the meat and add a lovely velvety richness. The spicy tomato sauce of our dish adds the right kick to our seasoned filling. With a rich dish a complex Tuscan Barolo fits perfectly with this dish.
Tortelloni Recipe: Asparagus Tortelloni with Lemon ButterAsparagus features heavily in Italian cooking as Italy is the largest producers of green asparagus in Europe. We love making our signature hand folded tortelloni with asparagus and we couldn’t resist putting it on our first menu as this lovely vegetable is in season. Paired with a lemon butter to add a slight acidity and touch of parmesan for saltness this dish is a perfect for lovely Spring lunch or dinner.
Tortelloni Recipe: Black Truffle Tortelloni with Truffle ButterBlack truffle tortelloni and truffle butter is a robust expression of all things truffle. In this recipe we mix summer black truffle in a delicate balance with ricotta cheese to create a creamy filling with the earthly flavour of truffle. By layering on a truffle butter on top of our hand folded tortelloni we reinforce the earthy tones of the truffle without making it too overpowering. A dash of parmesan finishes the dish to balance the smoothness of the butter with the saltiness of the parmesan.