Pasta Recipes

Tonnarelli Recipe: Tonnarelli alla CarbonaraMuch has been written about the perfect Carbonara.  Debates on whether or not to use Guanciale (Cured Pork Jowl) v. Pancetta (Cured Pork Belly) will go on for years to come.  Similarly, one can argue forever about which Roman restaurant makes the best Carbonara; is Armando al Patheon better than L’Archangelo?  This question is not even worth debating; both Roman eateries are excellent and both make a mean Carbonara.  What everyone agrees on is that this dish is the essence of Roman pasta.  Once you try a good Carbonara and know how to make it, you will delight in its deliciousness and simplicity. Carbonara is incredibly easy to understand and requires the best ingredients: the recipe is so simple that there is no kitchen trickery to hide behind – no spices, wine or anything else.  The ingredient list is easy:  great pasta, high quality eggs, premium fatty cured pork, aged Parmesan and Pecorino, fresh ground pepper and most importantly starchy pasta water.   The one thing that is widely accepted by all pasta experts is that cream holds no place in this recipe!  If it has cream, it’s not a Carbonara of dreams…it’s a nightmare!  The 3 minutes of extra work and care to make the perfect Carbonara from scratch are gratifyingly worth the effort. Aside from our lovely golden Tonnarelli, we have included in the La Tua Pasta Carbonara Classic Dish both DOP Parmesan and DOP Pecorino and Capreolus Fine Foods’ Pancetta.  Their pancetta is fatty, smoky and balanced which makes it perfect for our Carbonara. What we haven’t included is high quality eggs and fresh ground pepper.  Not only do we not want to ship eggs because we risk them not being at their peak freshness (or breaking!) but both of these ingredients are best ‘cracked’ at home.  Please use the best eggs you can find such as farm fresh eggs with very orange yolks or top quality eggs such as Burford Blues or Clarence Court. Finally, don’t sweat it.  However it turns out, Your creation will be delicious and much of the hype around Carbonara is preference.  You will do a great job! You can’t really go wrong with pasta, egg, cheese and bacon! Good luck and if you have any questions, drop us a line and we will be happy to give you advice.