Pasta Recipes

Ravioli Recipe: Pumpkin Ravioli with Nutmeg ButterDelica pumpkin is a classic Italian flavour. All of our pumpkins are grown by Armando our pumpkin farmer in the Vento region of Italy. La Tua has been working closely with Armando for over 15 years. We gentle bake the Delica pumpkins with spices and blend them with a specially selected ricotta for this recipe. The nutmeg butter provides the roundness of the butter while the nutmeg brings in a lovely top note to the taste of the dish. The saltiness of the parmesan cheese balances the sweetness of the pumpkin.
Ravioli Recipe: Beef & Truffle Ravioli with Nutmeg ButterOur slowly braised beef and black truffle is cooked with red wine to marinate all the flavours. Built on a ‘sofrito’ base of the onions, celery and carrots we layer in the flavours of this warm rich filling before we build ravioli envelop which makes it the perfect piece of pasta. The nutmeg butter adds a woody clove note that enhances the beef and truffle marriage. Parmesan finishes the dish with a touch of saltiness. The only thing you may want to add is glass of a lovely robust red wine.