Pasta Recipes

Spaghetti Recipe: Spaghetti all’AmatricianaSpaghetti All' Amatriciana is a quintessential authentic Italian recipe focused on flavours coming from pork fat. Normally one would use guanciale but we prefer to use pancetta from Tempus foods, which the best pancetta that we know of and is naturally marbled in fat. Tempus’ pancetta is perfectly balanced between the richness of the pork fat and the smokiness of the cure. Tempus, like La Tua Pasta, is solely focused on its craft – so their pancetta is the perfect partner in a dish that is centred around the flavour of their spectacular product . The other key component to Amatriciana is tomato sauce. Here a balance of sweetness and acidity rounds out the fattiness of the pancetta; our homemade sugo is perfect for this - with the clean tomato and basil notes that bring a light warmth to Amatriciana. The tomato is a clear clean flavour that restrains the smokiness of the pancetta and adds a sweet sharpness. Finally, the dish is garnished with aged parmesan to add a layer of saltiness to finish it off.
Trofie Recipe: Trofie & fresh Genovese Pesto with Cherry TomatoesTrofie al Pesto is one of the most classic Ligurian dishes. Trofie is naturally vegan as it made purely of durum wheat pasta which we exclusively source from a sole miller in Italy where we buy the highest-grade durum. The pesto we have selected is fresh pesto which is not pasteurised. The shorter shelf life product is worth the trouble because you can feel the flavours coming through the effort of ‘Pestare’ which literally means to pound. To make pesto basil, olive oil, pine nuts, Pecorino Romano and Parmesan are pounded with a wooden pestle and marble mortar. It takes a long time to produce a very small amount. Fortunately, we have taken all the hard work away and you just have to follow the simple instructions below.