White Wine: Soffio di Ponente, Vermentino Ponente DOC, Dell’Erba – Liguria


Straw-yellow in colour with light golden reflections, it has an intense, fruity, and persistent aroma with hints of white flowers, peach, and honey on a mineral background. It presents a dry yet soft taste on the palate, salty and savoury, with a pleasant bitter note typical of this wine.

Ideal Pairings:
It pairs perfectly with any traditional Ligurian dish, from vegetables to seafood. Try it, therefore, with our Trofie with Vegan Genovese pesto, Smoked Salmon with Lemon Butter, or even with our Tonnarelli with Genovese Pesto and Guanciale.

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About White Wine: Soffio di Ponente, Vermentino Ponente DOC, Dell’Erba – Liguria

The Grape: Vermentino

About the Producer:
Dell’Erba’s philosophy hinges on a simple concept: Research, Enhancement, and Redevelopment of the Ligurian Landscape. The wines represent their interpretation of the grape varieties they cultivate, interacting with the coastal Ligurian landscape where they are located. Their viticulture practices aim to promote biodiversity and respect for the land, resulting in Mediterranean and marine aromas typical of the Ligurian Coast.


Energy (KJ)/100g
Energy (Kcal)/100g
Of which Saturated/100g
Of which Sugar/100g

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