Paccheri & Pistachio Pesto Sauce Serves 1-2


An impressive Mediterranean-style pasta dish that’s made with king prawns, cherry tomatoes and Pistachio Pesto. Turn supper into something special with this marvellous recipe.

We’ve paired up our core ingredients for you, all you need is 1 garlic clove, 1 medium chilli, 12 king prawns, 200g cherry tomatoes, a dash of white wine and a handful of pistachios to make Paccheri with Prawns and Pistachio Pesto dish. Check the description for the details of this delicious recipe. 

2 × Paccheri 150g

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1 × Pesto di Pistacchio - Pistachio Pesto (Frantoio Sant'Agata)- 90g

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