Fresh VEGAN Genoese Pesto Sauce – 90g


Genoese Pesto or “Pesto all Genovese” is a typical regional product from Liguria Region of Italy. This Vegan version of the traditional Genoese pesto is made without using any dairy or animal products but still making sure it has the authentic taste by using excellent raw materials such as Genoese PDO basil, pine nuts, cashew nuts, and Extra Virgin Olive oil. Pesto Alla Genovese is a very versatile sauce ideal to be matched with Plain Pasta or to add a kick to the filled one (for example our Ravioli Peas & Shallots Vegan). The excellence of result is guaranteed from the choice of raw materials from basil D.O.P., selected, cultivated, harvested in Liguria according to strict production regulations.

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