New fillings will be launched in September!

Tortelloni Venison

Our new Venison filling is made with premium meat marinated in red wine with Juniper, Carrots, Celery and Onions. It is  slowly stewed so that the meat remains tender and full of flavour. It can be served with a tomato sauce or just with some butter. A must-be in your winter menu! (Available in Tortelloni only with a special introductory price until the End of the year)

Tortelloni ‘Nduja & Mascarpone

Using ‘Nduja (Italian Spicy Salami) from Calabria Region in Italy, this is the Pasta who will definitely spice up your menu! This delicious filling is made with the trendy N’duja mixed with delicate mascarpone cheese that makes the filling creamy and balanced. It can be served up with olive oil and a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese or even with a tomato sauce (available Tortelloni only)