We are pleased to introduce our New Shapes! In addition to our traditional shapes, you can now select:

Ravioli Heart Shape
We promise you’ll fall in love with this shape! These Ravioli are mixed with our signature Pumpkin filling and are perfect for events such as weddings and celebrations or just to add something special to your menu.

Rustici (Maccaroni al Ferro)
This plain pasta will astound you with its special texture. Produced with only Durum Wheat flour and water, it’s ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and also compliments any seafood or meaty sauce.

One of the most loved bar foods in Brazil! The pasta’s outer shell is made using a traditional Brazilian recipe which gives the product a light and crispy texture. They take only a few minutes to fry in vegetable oil from frozen, and make ideal snacks or finger food. Choose between four fillings: Chicken, Beef, Mozzarella or alternatively Argentinian Caramel for a perfect and quick dessert.

Contact us if you would like to receive samples!