Spinach & Burrata Cheese
Ideal for the Spring and Summer, our new seasonal filling combines fresh Spinach leaves with creamy Burrata Cheese. The Spinach leaves are stir fried with garlic and seasonings and mixed with Burrata Cheese made with mozzarella and cream. This filling, available in the Ravioli Square Shape, will surprise you with its creamy texture!

Beef & Black Truffle and Mushrooms & Black Truffle
Black Truffle fans rejoice! You will love our new fillings: Beef & Black Truffle and Mushrooms & Black Truffle! The Black Truffle is the Umbria region of Italy. The Beef & Black Truffle uses fresh chuck tender beef and the Mushroom & Black Truffle is a mix of wild mushrooms, including the delicious Italian Porcini.

Responding to positive customer feedback, our Chicken filling recipe is now even better! Our New Brazilian Style recipe combines fresh chicken tights braised with onion and garlic, a hint of tomatoes and red pepper to give a grandiose and flavoured finish.

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