Great Taste Awards results have been released and we are honored to have been awarded for 7 products! A big thank you to all our team for the great job and for our customer for all the support!

★★ Tortelloni Spinach & Ricotta
“A wonderful, rustic, beautiful pasta, The colour of the pasta is great. The filling delivers on flavour and fill.”

★★ Tortelloni Nduja & Mascarpone
“The filling was smoky with a nice kick and the pasta was tender but still toothsome and of high quality. The heat of the nduja carries really well but is not overpowering, thanks to the mascarpone mellowing it out. It’s a flavour combination that really sings and leaves a fresh, warm, spicy zing.”

★★ Tortelloni Aubergine Parmigiana
“The judges thought these were impressively delicate pasta shapes with a generous filling. We loved the depth of the aubergine and tomato filling with the additional bonus of melty cheese. Well done.”

★★ Tortelloni Wild Boar
“The judges loved the vibrant eggy hue of this clearly handmade pasta. We absolutely loved the authentic Bolognese-like flavour to the filling with hints of bay and rosemary, carrots and thyme and of red wine. We could taste the quality of the wild boar, which melted in the mouth with no gamey after-taste.”

 Ravioli Spinach & Ricotta
“Visually striking, the pasta looks rustic with the filling clearly visible. The ratio of filling to pasta is excellent and the pasta has an appetising spinach aroma. The filling is creamy and the flavours of spinach and cheese really come across. The pasta is tasty and expertly rolled. It melts in the mouth, is delicious and has good depth of flavour. ”

 Tortelloni Cacio & Pepe
“This pasta is exceptional, rich and silky with a delicious, perfectly seasoned filling.”