Great Taste Awards results have been released and we are honored to have been awarded for 12 products! A big thank you to all our team for the great job and for our customer for all the support!

★★ Tortelloni Pumpkin
“This pasta has a well rounded flavour which builds and leaves a pleasant after taste. The egg pasta is a good quality and isn’t too heavy.”


★★ Tortelloni Wild Boar
“Great shape, looks handmade, egg rich pasta generously stuffed!  Good spicy meaty smell. Ratio of pasta vs meat is perfect. Well seasoned, meaty texture, the meat yields”


★★ Tortelloni Spinach & ricotta 
“Beautifully presented. These have held their shape and no filling has leaked – we feel that a lot of love has gone into the crafting of these. The balance of flavour here is delicious: nutmeg, salt, and citrus. They feel generous in the mouth. Very moreish indeed.”


★★ Ravioli Spinach & Ricotta 
“Well made parcels, light pasta that has good egg flavour. The ricotta tastes fresh and the spinach is well cooked. It is well seasoned giving to a good balance. Delicious!”


★★ Tortelloni Crayfish & Prawn
“Well shaped pasta, rich egg flavour. The filling has a clean, fresh, creamy seafood taste. A good ratio of filling. This has been made with skill and care.”


Tortelloni Mushroom
“Attractively presented with a generous filling and appealing aroma. Mellow mushroom flavours did come through.”


Ravioli Beetroot & Goat Cheese
“Beautiful vibrant colour with finely chopped beetroot and a pleasing bite. Roasted beetroot sweetness which is well balanced with the tangy goats’ cheese and is also very well seasoned. The pasta is springy and holds the filling well.”


Tortelloni Burrata & Black Truffle
“The burrata adds a freshness as well as a springy. The level of truffle has also been done well, and is not overpowering. These slide down easily on the tongue. Extremely moreish. The pasta has held its shape well.”


Tortelloni Mushroom & Black Truffle
“Generous sized richly golden pasta with a lovely home made look.  Great ratio of pasta to filling. We loved the richness of the pasta with the unctuous cosy mushroom cream filling that had a good level of truffle decadence to it.”


“A gorgeous, rich colour, with a great al dente bite. Not doughy. We can certainly taste the flour here.” 


Ravioli Beef
“Silky, buttery pasta, consistent in size and generously filled. The beef filling was well seasoned, flavoursome and hearty.”


Mezzelune Crab & Fennel
“Excellent looking pasta, the structure holds up well… a brilliant combination of fennel, pasta and crab with each coming across well and in balance.”