Ravioli Spinach & Ricotta with Aubergine and Courgette Salad

RAVIOLI SPINACH & RICOTTA WITH AUBERGINE AND COURGETTE SALAD SERVES: 2 people INGREDIENTS: 300gRavioli Spinach & Ricotta 60g Crème fraise 1 Courgette 1 Aubergine 20g Thyme 10g Rosemary 50g Extra virgin olive oil SAUCE PREPARATION: Preheat an oven on 160°c Cut the aubergine in the length in [...]

Tortelloni Spinach & Ricotta with Sauce a la Creme

TORTELLONI SPINACH & RICOTTA WITH SAUCE A LA CREME SERVES: 2 people INGREDIENTS: 250g La Tua Pasta Fresh Tortelloni Spinach & Ricotta 200g Spinach Leaves 50g Single Cream 1 Lemon 15g Unsalted Butter 1 Onion 100g Full Fat Milk 20g Plain White Flour 20g Walnut Halves SAUCE [...]

Gnocchi Potato with Homemade Pesto

GNOCCHI POTATO WITH PESTO SERVES: 2 people INGREDIENTS: 250g La Tua  Pasta Fresh Gnocchi Potato Plain 1 clove of Garlic A pinch of Salt Half glass of Olive oil 1 spoon of pine nuts 6 spoon of Parmesan Cheese 2 spoon of Pecorino Cheese 50 g of [...]