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Tortelloni Fennel & Mascarpone with Sauteed Prawns & Chilli

TORTELLONI FENNEL & MASCARPONE WITH SAUTEED PRAWNS & CHILLI SERVES: 2 people INGREDIENTS: 250g La Tua Pasta Fresh Tortelloni Fennel & Mascarpone 200g of fresh King Prawns (raw and peeled) 2 fresh chillies (green and red) Parsley leaves Salt & Pepper A knob of butter SAUCE PREPARATION: [...]

Beef & Pork Tortellini in Broth (Tortellini in Brodo)

BEEF & PORK TORTELLINI IN BROTH (TORTELLINI IN BRODO) SERVES: 6 people INGREDIENTS: 750g La Tua Pasta Tortellini Beef & Pork Half Chicken 4.5-5 litres cold water to make the broth 2 Tomatoes (cut in half) 2 large carrots (cut in half) 2 celery stalks (cut in [...]

Tortelloni Burrata & Black Truffle with Butter-Basted Rib Eye Steaks

TORTELLONI BURRATA & BLACK TRUFFLE WITH BUTTER-BASTED RIB-EYE STEAKS SERVES: 2 people INGREDIENTS: 250g La Tua Pasta Tortelloni Burrata & Black Truffle 2 Rib-Eye steaks (200-250g each) 250g Rocket Salad 150g cherry tomatoes Olive oil Butter Balsamic vinegar Salt & Pepper STEAK PREPARATION: Season the steaks [...]

Some Ideas for your Christmas and New Year’s Eve Menu!

Here it is a selection of Pasta that can inspire your Christmas and New Year's Eve Menu. Appetizer or Canape with Italian Style Croquettes: Gnocchi filled Compte’ Gnocchi filled Nduja Starter/Main Course/Side Dish Tortelloni Burrata & Black Truffle (3 stars GTA 2017 winner) Tortelloni Venison (NEW!) Salmon [...]

New Fillings available from September

New fillings will be launched in September! Tortelloni Venison Our new Venison filling is made with premium meat marinated in red wine with Juniper, Carrots, Celery and Onions. It is  slowly stewed so that the meat remains tender and full of flavour. It can be served with [...]

What’s Seasonal…

Here it is a selection of Seasonal Flavours for this Autumn! Gnocchi, Tagliatelle or Pappardelle flavoured with Chestnut Hand-made Tortelloni  filled with (Best Selection): Burrata & Black Truffle (3 stars GTA 2017 winner) (NEW!) Venison (NEW!) ‘Nduja & Mascarpone Salmon in Squid Ink Pasta (Special Promo Price) [...]

New Flavours & Ideas for the Season

Brand new from Mid September: Tortelloni filled Burrata & Black Truffle Tortelloni filled Nduja & Mascarpone Tortelloni Venison Add to your range the Special of the Month to make your offer for this Autumn more interesting! Here are the specials for this Season: Special for September Tortelloni Filled [...]

Trofie with Aubergine Pesto, Burrata Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Pancetta

TROFIE WITH AUBERGINE PESTO, BURRATA CHEESE, CHERRY TOMATOES AND PANCETTA SERVES: 4 people INGREDIENTS: LA TUA PASTA Trofie 500g 3 Medium Aubergines 12 thin slices of Pancetta 16 Cherry tomatoes, halved 250g Burrata Cheese 20 leaves of Basil Olive oil 1 pinch of Pepper 1 Pinch of Salt SAUCE PREPARATION: [...]

Tortelloni Beef with Herbs Butter

TORTELLONI BEEF WITH HERBS BUTTER SERVES: 2 people INGREDIENTS: 250g La Tua Pasta Tortelloni Beef Butter Sea salt Basil Parsley Thyme Black pepper Dill Parmesan Cheese SAUCE PREPARATION: Soften butter to room temperature. Finely chop all herbs. Place all ingredients in a medium bowl and use a [...]

Gnocchi Potato with Homemade Pesto

GNOCCHI POTATO WITH PESTO SERVES: 2 people INGREDIENTS: 250g La Tua  Pasta Fresh Gnocchi Potato Plain 1 clove of Garlic A pinch of Salt Half glass of Olive oil 1 spoon of pine nuts 6 spoon of Parmesan Cheese 2 spoon of Pecorino Cheese 50 g of [...]